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铸铁镶铜闸门用途:主要用于给排水、防汛、灌溉、水利、水电工程中?用来截止、疏通水流或起调节水位的作用。铸铁镶铜闸门可分为方形MZF、圆形MZY、AZY 和矩形MZJ 三类?铸铁镶铜闸门使用与维护:1、使用手动启闭机时,要用力均匀,不要在关闭时用力过猛以防损伤定位装置。 2、要定时给丝杆及启闭机加润滑油脂。 3、每年需对闸门作一次油漆、防腐处理。 4、对于非双向闸门不可承受纯反向水压。铸铁镶铜闸门的安装与调试铸铁镶铜闸门的门框埋入部分插进预留孔洞。用斜块垫平、校正、使闸门导轨与铅垂线重合,其偏差应小于1/500,然后将门盖插入门框,进行二次浇灌,待混凝土养护后,用地脚螺栓将闸门框紧固。若门框为法兰联接则调正后紧固联接螺栓,注意在门框法兰面与土建墙壁之间应加垫密封垫。Cast iron inlaid copper gate uses: mainly used for water supply and drainage, flood control, irrigation, water conservancy, hydropower projects? Used to cut off, dredge water or play a role in regulating water level. Cast iron copper-inlaid gate can be divided into square MZF, circular MZY, AZY and rectangular MZJ three types? Cast iron copper-inlaid gate use and maintenance: 1. When using manual hoist, uniform force, do not close too hard to prevent damage positioning device. 2, regularly add grease to the screw and hoist. 3, every year, we need to paint and anticorrosive treatment for the gate once a year. 4. For non two-way gates, pure reverse water pressure is not acceptable. The installation and adjustment of cast iron copper gate. The embedded part of the cast iron gate is inserted into the reserved hole. The deviation should be less than 1/500. Then the door cover should be inserted into the door frame and poured twice. After concrete curing, the gate frame should be tightened with the foot bolt. If the door frame is flanged, tighten the bolt after alignment. Pay attention to the gasket between the flange face of the door frame and the civil wall.

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